All Children Deserve a Family "All Children Deserve a Family"

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There are over 410,000 children in foster care in the United States.
Almost 100,000 need adoptive homes right now.
About 25,000 age out of foster care every year, at age 18 without anyone, to live on their own, unprepared and unsupported.

Can you change the life of a waiting child?
Can you adopt? Can you foster? Or maybe you can start a Heart Gallery or volunteer for one?

Source: AFCARS 2015, for fiscal year 2014


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What is the Heart Gallery?

The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care. The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative project of over 80 Heart Galleries across the United States designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community.

Now, in its fifteenth year, the Heart Gallery model is being replicated in many communities across the country. Although many of our children were removed from abusive and neglectful situations, they still have hope. They love to laugh, to learn, and to be with their friends. Most of all, they dream of finding a forever family to be their own.

Photos That Change People's Lives (click below for video)

Video courtesy of Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay
Heart Gallery Related News

Heart Gallery Heros in Birmingham, Alabama

Come and help the Heart Gallery celebrate 11 years of finding families for Alabama’s children. We will be honoring Bill & Lyndra Daniel and the Daniel Foundation for their years of support. Great Auction items, Food, Live music, Raffle and Wine Pull. Click above to purchase tickets. The Karen Nomberg Volunteer of the Year and our Photographer of the Year will be announced! At the Haven, 2501 6th Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35233

Indiana Adoption Champs and Heart Gallery at Michigan City's Washington Park Zoo This Saturday, on the Lake

Adoption Champions and the Indiana Heart Gallery will be part of the “Boo at the Zoo” event this Saturday at Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City. Jeannie Keating, with the Indiana Department of Child Services, told the Region News Team they are actively recruiting adoptive homes for 120-to-150 youth across the Hoosier state to find families that will be a good match for the child.

Westchester County, New York Heart Gallery Opening and Exhibit, Greenburgh Library, Elmsford

In Westchester County, we have many children who need homes. Some of these children are older, have siblings they can't be separated from or have special needs, making them more difficult to place The Heart Gallery is a traveling showcase of portraits of children available for adoption. The point is to show each child as he or she really is—a wonderful child in need of a second chance. The Heart Gallery portraits will be on display Oct. 26, 27 and 28 at the Greenburgh Library located at 300 Tarrytown Rd., Elmsford. The Heart Gallery Reception will be held Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. All prospective foster and adoptive parents are most welcome to attend. Together we can make a difference in the life of a child in need of a "forever family" through adoption.

Vocal Jazz Benefit Concert

ated the best in the nation by the Monterey Jazz Festival earlier in April, the Sacramento State Jazz Vocal Group performed with the Monterey Jazz Festival last weekend. The group has a benefits concert on Oct. 28 for the Heart Gallery. It is free to attend, but donations are welcome. What: Benefits Concert - Donations accepted Who: Sacramento State Vocal Jazz Ensembles When: Friday, October 28, 7:00 pm - Capistrano Concert Hall, Sacramento State University

North Dakota Heart Gallery Annual Gala

Please join us for the unveiling of the 2016-2017 North Dakota Heart Gallery children's photos. This event is a photographic exhibit of our North Dakota children waiting for their adoptive forever family. We will have special guest speakers, learn more about adoption, enjoy some food and refreshments and let the kids have fun at our carnival! This event is FREE and open to the public - the whole family is welcome! 5:30-6:00pm- Welcoming remarks with guest speakers and the unveiling of the 2016-2017 children photos 5:30-7:30pm- Kids' carnival with games, prizes, balloon animals and more! 5:30-7:30pm- Food, refreshments & cash bar

Finding Forever Families – Recruiting Adoptive Parents and Foster Parents

Through the Let It Be Us Finding Forever Families Program, we offer an informative presentation featuring Illinois adoption recruiters from the Illinois Center for Adoption and Permanency and Illinois social service agencies presenting their foster to adopt programs as well as information on some of the children available for adoption. This is a town hall style meeting and there is time allowed for questions and answers. We are offer this event four times during the calendar year, and the dates and registration information are listed below.

You are invited to the 18th Annual Adoption Celebration in Fort Wayne Indiana

STAR 88.3 presents the 18th Annual Adoption Celebration hosted by Melissa Montana on November 5 at Wallen Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Adoption and Foster Care Agencies will be providing information for those considering adoption or foster care. There are kids activities, face-painting, and a photo booth. This event is free.

The 2016 Heart Gallery of South Texas Opens at Garcia Arts & Education Center in Corpus Christi

The annual opening of the Heart Gallery of South Texas is scheduled for Thursday, November 10 at 6pm at the Garcia Arts and Education Center at Texas A&M University. The Heart Gallery features the portraits and stories of local children in need of adoption. The purpose of the Heart Gallery project is to find stable, loving families for foster children needing permanent adoptive homes. Many of the children in the Heart Gallery are considered more difficult to place because they are older or in a sibling group. The Heart Gallery serves as a reminder that children never outgrow the need for parents.

Adoption Rhode Island's 12th Annual Heart Gallery Unveiled at State House

November is National Adoption Month, and the folks at Adoption Rhode Island are planning to hold a number of events and workshops throughout the state to spread information and awareness. On Nov. 17, the organization will be holding its annual celebration at the Rhode Island Statehouse. They’ll honor community members, organizations, and DCYF social workers for their outstanding efforts in the world of adoption, as well as unveil the 12th Annual Heart Gallery.

Heart Gallery Related News

Four Fabulous California Kids Need a Forever Family

Adding four children to your home, all at once, would be a big change for any family. But the sibling set in this Adopt 8 is hoping there is a family out there, willing to take them in and give them the unconditional love they deserve. Right now, 12-year-old Joshua, eight-year-old Yessenia, and twins Esperanza and Esmeralda are finally living together in one foster home. But foster care is only a temporary solution and all four are hoping they'll soon find one forever home and a giant circle of love.

About Christian and Christopher

There are hundreds of children in Alabama's foster care system. Each week, we introduce you to a child who needs a forever family. This week meet brothers Christian and Christopher. They were born in January of 2005. The brothers both enjoy sports and long to be placed together.

Steven and Tiffany are yearning for adoption

The Adoption Exchange held its annual "Heart Gallery" for area foster children Thursday night at Madame Tussaud's. Dave Courvoisier hosted, but he got a sneak peak the other day with a brother/sister pair who are hoping to be adopted. In a room full of celebrities, 11-year old Tiffany was fascinated with the hairdo's. “She loves hair!” says Melissa, the DFS caseworker for the brother, sister pair. Meanwhile, her older brother Steven liked getting up close and personal. Playing the keyboards with Bruno Mars, and posing with UFC legend Chuck Lidell. And many more adoptable children in Clark County were seen by visiting Madame Tussaud's in the Venetian October 13 for the annual Heart Gallery event sponsored by the Adoption Exchange.

Connecticut Heart Gallery Exhibits During October and November

Live in Connecticut? Find out more about the children who are available for adoption and get information on how you can help. Visit one of these locations, attend national adoption month activities, or email Click to see locations highlight the full gallery or a portion of the gallery. Many updated pictures and stories can be found on our website. The Department is very appreciative of our community partners who help us highlight our children.

Mississippi's Heart Gallery Back Online

There are many Mississippi children waiting to be part of a family. Thank you for visiting the Mississippi Heart Gallery to see and learn more about these children. Every child listed in our gallery is legally free for adoption. Some of the children have special educational, emotional or medical needs; this information is confidential and does not appear in the children's descriptions. More detailed information about the children can be shared with adoptive parents as they continue through the adoption process.

A Home of Her Own: A home of her own: Alexis, 4, is a darling little girl with a great imagination

Alexis is a precocious little girl who demonstrates time and again that she will conquer whatever challenges life throws her way. Not only is this child with special needs a "fighter" but she is also loving and affectionate. She thrives on attention and easily engages with adults and children alike. One of Alexis' loves is dollhouses. She has two and spends hours playing with them, arranging the furniture, reorganizing the layout and posing the family. She has a great imagination and thrives on imaginative play. She also enjoys coloring and drawing.

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange Seeks Communications Specialist to Support the Heart Gallery

This person will be responsible for managing all aspects of non-digital production for broad communications and public relations needs. They will be responsible for moderating communications throughout the organization. Application deadline: October 28, 2016 . Click for Details.

Adoption in Mississippi: Older Children Hope

When she was 8 years old, Jaquisha and her older brother were taken away from their mother and put into foster care. Prior to the placement, they were homeless. Her mother left them with friends and then disappeared. Her father died in 2013. As a child, Jaquisha acted out, but today, she's a bubbly, happy teenager with a megawatt smile who loves make-up and clothes and laughs when she talks about boys. Jaquisha is one of 5,557 children in custody of the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, and one of 468 available for adoption statewide, according to Kristi Plotner, deputy commissioner of administration with CPS.

Raise-A-Child joins Children's Action Network to Help Heart Gallery LA Find Permanent Loving Homes for LA's Kids

RaiseAChild recruits, educates, and nurtures supportive relationships equally with all prospective foster and adoptive parents while partnering with agencies to improve the process of advancing foster children to safe, loving, and permanent homes. Our vision is to be the nationwide leader in the recruitment and support of LGBT and all prospective parents interested in building families through fostering and adopting to meet the needs of the 415,000 children in the foster care system.

First Friday: Beacon Hill Launches Alaska Heart Gallery

Come learn more about the children in Alaska who are awaiting adoption through the Heart Gallery of Alaska's mobile art gallery. There will be food and live music along with an art gallery that represents children in Alaska awaiting a forever home. Information on inquiries can be made at the event.

Awards Announcement

The mission of the Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco is to increase the number of successful adoptions of local children in foster care. In addition to featuring children, they recruit and support families interested in adoption. The Heart Gallery was founded on the belief that every child deserves a home. PEMHS is a private, non-profit behavioral health care organization located in Pinellas County, Florida. Programs include a 24-hour suicide hotline, emergency screening and crisis intervention services, inpatient services for adults and children, residential services for children and community based programs.

A home of her own: Desiree, 9, wants a family who will be proud of her

Desiree is a happy, outgoing girl who is a ball to be around. She loves sports and playing outside, and is proud to be a self-professed "tomboy." She is on the football team this year, and last year had a great time playing soccer. She has also played softball and basketball. Desiree is affectionate and loves attention from adults. Desiree wants a family who will accept who she is and be proud of her. Desiree is good about trying new foods, even foods she hasn't liked previously, but is still not a tomato fan. ... (click for more)...

Heart Gallery at Kennedy Krieger Institute

The Heart Gallery, presented by Adoptions Together, features compelling portraits of local children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. Included in these portraits are several children from Kennedy Krieger’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program. The Heart Gallery exhibition will be on display in the 1st and 2nd floor lobbies of the 801 North Broadway location from Saturday, October 2 through Friday, October 31. An opening reception will be held at the Institute Tuesday, October 4th, 6pm - 7:30pm. The event is free and refreshments will be served.You are invited to attend. Please RSVP by September 27.

Tampa 18-year-old chooses adoptive family over life on his own

In his 18 years, Mario has lived in more than 30 foster homes and two group homes. He met the family for the first time at a Gator's Dockside, then at a Tampa Bay Rays game and at their church, Element, in Tampa. "It was a little scary and weird at first because it was all happening so fast, but then I got to know them and really liked them," Thornton said. "I knew I wanted a family. That's all I've ever wanted my whole life. "

Heart Gallery brings unique adoption promotion to Winthrop Town Centre

Each of the participating business will feature at least one of 35 children being featured, with a photo and a card of biographical information. "This is something completely new for us," said Sketch and Sip manager Kelly Knox. "We've partnered with a few other fundraisers in the past, but we're very excited to start this and we love doing things for the community like this." Along with featuring the children, Boca, Sketch and Sip, Ciccio Cali and Eats! American Grill also will stage events and give a portion of profits on specific nights to benefit the Heart Gallery.

29 Heartwarming Photos of Foster Kids Getting Adopted

For foster children, the day of adoption is often the best day of their lives. So, a California-based organization, called Together We Rise, is combating the stigma around the foster care system by showcasing these heartwarming photos of that long-awaited day. With so many negative stereotypes and news stories surrounding foster care, we are focused only on the positive,” says executive director Gianna Dahlia. “One of the most powerful and positive things that can happen for children in foster care is getting adopted into a forever family. That’s why we started sharing the pictures our supporters were sending us.”

Wednesday's Child - Megan

"It's hard making friends, and school," Megan said. School and making friends are two things that don't come easy for Megan. "Because I've never had any friends," she said. She's never really had a chance to because in her life nothing is permanent. Megan's been adopted before. "They adopted me and my sister, and then they didn't want us so we went into foster care," she said. Her sister has since been adopted, but Megan is still in state custody. Every day she wonders why. To learn more about Megan or the many other children living in the Utah Foster Care system, contact The Adoption Exchange at 801-265-0444.

Interview With Founder Matthew Straeb: “The measure of a society is how it treats its children.”

Approximately 100,000 kids are presently available for adoption this year through the foster care system. There are over 318 million people living in the United States today. Could you imagine what would happen to our nation overall, given 3180 people found it in their hearts to adopt every last one of these kids? The impact would be enormous as would be the smiles of all those children, who could finally hang their high-end photos on walls they call forever homes -- mementos of courage, hope, and a belief that they, too, deserve to be loved.

"We Dream Big"

Jose’s a great kid with a wonderful sense of humor. Jose’s witty and full of life, and brings a great amount of energy and fun to those around him. Selena is a sweet, compassionate young woman with a lot to offer the world. She can be a little shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! They’ll thrive in a supportive home that will nurture their interests, talents, and give them the stability they need to succeed. Click here to learn more.

Learn More about Janiya

Kind, compassionate, and incredibly intuitive, Janiya is a natural-born caregiver. She has a big heart, and the uncanny ability to know exactly how others are feeling and what they need. Janiya has overcome an incredible amount of self-doubt and difficulty in her young life, and she deserves a loving family that will celebrate and re-enforce her strength every day. Click here to learn more!

The Indiana Heart Gallery Visits Trine University in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE — The Indiana Heart Gallery, a traveling exhibit featuring compelling portraits of children in need of adoptive families, will be on display at Trine University’s Fort Wayne Education Center beginning Monday, Sept. 26.

Heart Gallery Alabama: Kayla Longs to be Adopted

Kayla, born in February 2001, is an energetic girl who enjoys sports, playing with the Wii, swimming, and school. She is a clever girl who makes excellent grades and has a great sense of humor. Although she is a tomboy at times, Kayla likes to wear make-up and dress up in fashionable clothes and shoes. She also enjoys cooking and is always willing to help prepare meals. Kayla enjoys Christian music on her MP3 player and likes to go to church.

Inta and Knolly Still Need a Forever Family

Two sisters, ages 11 and nine, really cherish their time together. That's because the two girls have had to live apart for the past several years, but Inta and Knolly say they're not giving up hope that there's a forever family out there for them. Inta, who's only 11, has grown so much since 2013 when I first met her and her sister Knolly. The two were living apart in separate foster homes.

8 Ways You Can Support Kids in Foster Care - and Help End Human Trafficking

Parents: WE CAN CHANGE THIS. We are experts at providing love and support to children; it’s what we do! If we, as parents, insert ourselves into the lives of foster children to help meet their family and emotional needs, we can help stop them from entering human trafficking. We can make a mountainous difference and help put an end to a great evil in this world. There are dozens of ways to help foster children; however, I’ve listed seven specific ways you can help. But before even getting into that, let me share some advice I was given that changed the way I approached helping others:

Share Your Stork Story

There are over 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. 1/5 of them never will be. Help us change these facts.

Photographers Present Foster Kids in the 'Right Light'

In 2001, Diane Granito founded the Heart Gallery, a unique program that uses photography to help find homes for older foster children, sibling groups, and other children who are traditionally difficult to place with families. A prominent art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, donated space where more than a thousand people came opening night. The photos on exhibit were the end result of the photographers' attempts to coax out the unique personalities in hundreds of children—a great contrast to the typical photos attached to a child's file. "They look like mug shots," said one of the photographers of the typical case photos.


Julianna is an intelligent teenager who is described as a "girly girl" who loves fashion and clothes. She also enjoys music and movies, and prefers to be indoors rather than outdoors. Her favorite food is mango and her favorite restaurants are Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and McDonald's; yet she loves to cook authentic Columbian dishes when given the opportunity. She is bi-lingual and originally from Columbia. She is very proud of her culture and would want a family who values this about her. Julianna can be shy and reserved when trying something new or around new people; but would flourish in a forever family that is patient, consistent, understanding, and has realistic expectations.

A home of her own: Liberty, 11, dreams of family photo albums full of memories

Liberty is an amazing pre-teen girl with a very big heart. She has beautiful brown eyes and an expressive smile. Liberty has an amazing life story and has shown remarkable courage, progress and resilience. Like many tweens, Liberty is actively exploring her talents and interests. She is showing an aptitude in several areas of the arts. She loves to draw, sketch, design outfits, sing and dance. She loves animals, especially cats, dogs and horses. Liberty is very down to earth, but has recently enjoyed having a pedicure for the first time and had a lot of fun with that extra pampering. She listens to music, learns the lyrics very quickly and loves to sing. She is an avid reader and is proud of her skills in math. She loves swimming.

Our Most Current List of Lists of Children Who Await a Permanent Adoptive Home

There are lots of agencies, including Heart Gallery of America, that list children who are waiting for a family. These lists are primarily intended for parents who have completed their home study and are looking for a child to adopt. In all cases, the child's primary social worker has given the listing agency permission to list the child as available for adoption. In almost all cases, you will be given a form or find instructions on how to reach that primary social worker. In most cases, the child has been determined by the courts to be legally free to be adopted, although the listing details vary in some states. If you find any legal listing of children not in our list, please let us know. You can reach me at .

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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